Social Advisory

Life is so damn hard. No matter how much you earn how much you spent. It's just continuously getting harder every day. There are people getting stupid. Me even worst.
Life in this era, it's like living in a paradise right? You shouldn't go out for food. Even less talking. You just sit down and tap tap on your phone and food will be in front of your face. You shouldn't go to the office to make money. Just sit down in front of your computer you can make easy money. Man, Technology is killer.

Again I said. It's hard to live in this era. The era where people around the world can easily connect. There are a bunch of people who do the social climb. They think they cooler than others but at the same time feeling less cool than others and need to be cooler. Cool in this context it's can be success, beauty, talent. Some good some bad.

So where's the hard thing? The hard thing is you're living in the middle of that things. What I see here are a lot of fake people nowadays. I'm not Mr. Right, I just a neutral person. Never do shit, and bullying what I don't like to. I like it I just like it, I don't like it I leave it. But again people have many traits. There are many too who like doing shit. It's their character you can't change it.
People in yesterday's era are so different. They don't much talk shit. Less materialistic, more humble. Today era? For god sake much much more horrible. Maybe they are smarter in some cases but lack of good attitude.

I am an Introvert myself. Some people see me as a coward. But, I do give a shit cause sometimes from looking around we are getting a brand new experience. A lot of hate everywhere. Misunderstood everywhere. People playing god everywhere. A little lame, but I enjoy it.
There's a lie if people don't give a shit about what happens around them. You can act like you don't give a shit, but in deep of your heart, you do give a shit. Again I say fake people everywhere, you'll be fake if you act like that.
I wrote this cause I know my blog is barely any visitor. People mostly don't like reading also, they just like to see and hear. Whatever they can hear what they get. So congratulations if you read this shit.